Privacy Information Policy Statement.


Here at High Maintenance we take your privacy very seriously.

This privacy statement is here to help you understand what we may do with any information you give us about you.


High Maintenance provides a full client consultation, you are asked to fill in a form and disclose personal information about your health, lifestyle and other information which may be required before any beauty treatments can be carried out.

All of the personal information that you share is private and confidential.

We never give or sell clients details to third parties.

All information that you supply us with is filed and stored in a secure lockable cupboard.


Our insurers advise that we keep your records for a min of 3 years and max of 7 years.

If you have stopped coming to us after this time your records will be shredded and disposed of in the correct manner.


Please note it is your responsibility to make sure that your client records are up to date, at every appointment you will be asked if there are any changes to your health or lifestyle. Please make sure you tell us if there is any changes to be made and we will update your records for you.


If you have any concerns or questions please ask.


Authorisation and consent form.


As some of you may be aware, as of the 25th May 2018 a new EU legislation called GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation came into effect.

This data affects everyone, as you the consumer have rights to your data and what businesses do with it, to know how we collect and use your data please read our Privacy information policy statement.


In order for us to continue your services smoothly we need you to complete the form below to give your consent to us to collect and store your personal data.


I confirm that I understand how you use and store data and I give my permission to the business High Maintenance to collect and store my personal data for treatment and appointment purposes in accordance with GDPR guidelines 25th May 2018.


I agree that you can contact me for marketing purposes such as monthly newsletters and details of special offers etc.


I agree that you can store and use any photographs taken of my treatments on your social media platforms. If any photographs were to be used you will send me a copy for me to approve them first.


Please Sign To Give Us Your Consent


Please note: By providing your details you are giving your consent to be added to our mailing list.

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